Fill My Cup Ministries, Inc. (FMCM) is a non-profit organization committed to equipping and empowering the youth of today with the foundation of success. The foundation of the ministry is literacy.

Fill My Cup Ministries, Inc. came into existence after the founder of the organization, C. Lynn Thomas, met a 12 year old boy with his grandmother at one of her book signings in August 2007. Ms. Thomas asked the young man what did he want to be in life and the young man replied “A football player”. She asked the young man what else would you like to become. The young man didn’t know. He wasn’t able to think of or articulate anything else that he wanted to become. After several probing questions, Ms. Thomas asked the young man if he liked to read. He said “yes”. She asked if he thought he could become a teacher and teach others how to read. He said “YES”. The young man left there excited to know that he could also become a teacher. Ms. Thomas was saddened by the ordeal. Here was a 12 year old boy that could dream to be whatever he wanted and didn’t know or realize that he could. He was walking aimless in life at the age of 12. On that day Ms. Thomas said she would commit to go into the community to speak into the lives of young people, to get books in their hands, to encourage them to dream the impossible, to build their esteem, to teach them how to set goals and to let them know they could be anything they wanted to be in life if they just believe. In September, Ms. Thomas started a massive book drive with some friends. They received book and monetary donations from as far away as Michigan. The first day of operation was January 2008 in the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade where they distributed over 1,000 books to the children alongside the parade, shouting aloud, “the more you read the more you will succeed”. The organization has been going forward ever since.

Fill My Cup Ministries ventures into various communities many of which are under served. During these visits they share, inform, enlighten, reveal, and discuss real life issues and circumstances and convey how reading, obtaining knowledge, and securing an education can and will often lead to a productive and successful life. Fill My Cup Ministries, Inc. distributes books to children who want to read, learn and pursue their goals and dreams. They also provide a platform for the children to verbally express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions; furthermore building public speaking skills, confidence, posture, etiquette, and esteem.

The target age group is 2 – 12. Activities include: community visit every 2nd Saturday, motivational speaking and tracking of their success. The youth are encouraged to set goals (academically and personally).

Each calendar year begins with Martin Luther King, Jr., parade, held in January. During the parade they distribute thousands of books to the children that are watching alongside the parade. From February to November, every 2nd Saturday of those months they go into the community where they render motivational speaking and distribution of books. FMCM encourage the youth to be the best they can be.